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Orion Oxford Dance Arts - Dance Studio | Lake Orion, MI

Policies and Procedures


  • Summer and Fall Schedules for the upcoming season will be posted in early May

  • A non-refundable registration fee of $15.00 per recreational student or $30.00 per competitive student is due upon registration/audition

  • Students must re-register for their desired classes each season.  This will guarantee students a spot in the recreational classes of their choice for the upcoming dance year. Enrollment is on a first come basis.  Competitive Company classes determined after audition and required summer session.  

  • We are a full year dance program with classes running September through early June

  • OODA follows a combination of the official Lake Orion and Oxford School District schedules for holidays and designated time off

  • Summer camps/classes may be available during the months of June-August

"Put a little fun into your life,

Try Dancing."


 ~ Kathryn Murray


  • We offer students the option of taking shorter term classes and not participating in the annual recital

  • Dancers may opt-out of the recital, but must notifythe office manager prior to November to ensure a costume is not ordered

  • During each season, we offer students to option to enroll in our fall classes through February of the following year.  This will allow those participating in fall sports the option to still dance in the annual recital.


  • OODA offers viewing windows into all of their dance rooms.  

  • Parents, family, and friends will have the opportunity to view the dancers through the viewing windows located at the front of each studio room

  • Once choreography begins, parents will be invited into the dance rooms to watch their child’s progress at the end of each week’s class


  • In the case of severe weather, dance classes may be cancelled

  • Morning class cancellations will coincide with the Lake Orion School District cancellations

  • For afternoon and evening classes, please check the studio voice mail (248-933-1060) after 3:00 pm to determine if your class will be held


  • Tuition is monthly based and has been balanced out to offer the same monthly price for the entire season, no matter the number of dance weeks in the month

  • Tuition is Due the First class of each month payable via Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Check (payable to OODA),

  • See Tuition section for detailed information on Tuition

  • A $20 late fee will be applied for missed Tuition

  • There will be a $30 fee for any bank returned checks

  • All fees paid are non-refundable

  • No refunds or make-up classes given due to vacations, illness, severe weather, etc.


  • OODA offers sibling discounts for families enrolling more than one sibling in dance classes

  • Receive 20% off your second child, 30% off your third child, etc.

  • Male dancers dance free with a paying sibling

  • Receive ½ off one month’s tuition, of one student, for each new family you refer to OODA that registers and enrolls in the fall session.  This must be noted on the new students enrollment form.  NOTE: Your referral student must be a paying student, enrolled in classes for at least 2 months prior to receiving your referral credit.


See “Competitive Company” and “Pre-Professional Ballet” under Programs.


We want all of our dancers to feel comfortable inside and out while dancing.  Most apparel and shoes can be purchased at Barres “N” Blades in Lake Orion.

Preschool & Petite Level Dancers


  • Ballet, Tap, and Jazz most girls wear a leotard (any color) and pink tights (NOTE you will need pink for the recital).  Some choose to add a dance skirt or shorts over top.  

  • Hip-Hop we recommend loose dance apparel to allow the dancer to easily perform Hip-Hop moves.  NO JEANS!


  • Ballet - Pink leather split-sole, preschool dancers may wear full-sole

  • Tap - Black Patent Leather (Bloch or Danshuz Brands- Bloch runs wide and Danshuz runs medium to narrow)

  • Jazz (Petite Dancers):  Capezio CG15 Jazz Slip-On in Caramel

  • Hip-Hop (Petite Dancers) - TBD after costume is selected.  For class, dancers may wear jazz shoes or any style Tennis Shoes that have NEVER been worn outside

Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen Level Dancers:

  • Ballet, Tap, and Jazz – Dancers may wear a leotard or fitted dance top (any color) and pink or tan tights (you will need Light Suntan for the recital).  Some choose to add a dance skirt, shorts, or dance pants over top.

  • Hip-Hop - Recommend loose dance apparel to allow the dancer to easily perform Hip-Hop moves.  NO JEANS!


  • Ballet - Pink leather split-sole

  • Tap - Bloch S0381G Child Audeo Jazz Tap Shoe in or Bloch S0381L Adult Audeo Jazz Tap Shoe, either in Black

  • Jazz - Capezio CG15 Jazz Slip-On in Caramel

  • Hip-Hop - TBD after costume is selected.  For class, dancers may wear jazz shoes or any style Tennis Shoes that have NEVER been worn outside


We want our dancers to feel comfortable inside and out while dancing.  

Specialty Classes:

  • We recommend any dance apparel to allow the dancer to easily

  • Clogging – Black tie clogging shoes (see instructor for details)

  • Tumble Dance, Acro Dance, Acro - Preferred bare feet, may wear any style Jazz shoe

  • Jumps & Turns – Any style Jazz Shoe

  • Core - Supportive Tennis Shoes that have never been worn outside.  You will also need a Yoga Mat, and possibly 1 lb. Hand Weights, Jump Rope, etc.

  • Instructors will information of any additional equipment you will need.


  • Hair must be worn up away from face

  • No dangling jewelry

  • No gum chewing

  • Be respectful of instructors and peers



Students will be required to purchase at least one costume for the annual dance recital.

  • Preschool dancers will have one 2-in-1 costume

  • Petite and Junior level ballet, tap, and jazz dancers will have one 3-in-1 costume

  • Pre-Teen and Teen ballet/lyrical, tap, jazz dancers will have a costume for each genre they are taking class in

  • All Hip-Hop dancers will have one costume

  • Specialty classes participating in the recital will have a costume for each class they are participating in

  • A $40 per costume deposit is due by November 1st. This will allow OODA time to place the order early enough to guarantee delivery by picture day.

  • All costume deposits and balances are non-refundable, since orders have already been placed.

  • You will be responsible for all remaining Costume balances

  • Costume balances will be due by January 30th

  • A $20.00 late fee will be assessed for payments past due


  • An annual recital will be head the first or second week of June at either the Lake Orion or Oxford High School Performing Arts Center

  • Dancers will perform a routine in the recital for each genre they are participating in

  • A dress rehearsal will be scheduled prior to the annual recital. This will allow students the opportunity to prepare for the recital and perform their routines in full costume, hair and make-up.

  • Recital tickets will go on sale prior to the actual recital date  

  • Seating is not pre-assigned

  • Tickets may range from $12.00- $15.00 per person.

  • Tickets are not required for small children sitting on an adults lap

  • Photos can be taken at the recital, but NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY

  • A professional videographer will be recording the recital.  DVD’s will be available for purchase, therefore VIDEOTAPING IS NOT ALLOWED DURING THE RECITAL.

  • Students with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to participate in the annual recital.


  • Picture day will be scheduled in early spring of each year.  Group photos will be taken of each routine, as well as providing each student the opportunity to get individual photos taken in their costumes.

  • Schedule and pricing will be provided prior to the scheduled date


  • Students will be provided with an evaluation at the end of each dance year, which will summarize the students overall progress for the past year

  • Evaluations will identify individual strengths and areas of improvement, as well as recommendations for the next dance season.


  • A monthly newsletter will be provided to each family, informing them of any news and upcoming events.

  • The top of each newsletter will list important dates to remember throughout the dance season. Scheduled studio closed dates for the entire dance year will be included so remember to check this each month for any new events or updated dates.

  • A bulletin board is available in the lobby area to list "need to know" information.


  • A payment box is available in the back lobby for parents and students to drop off payments, offer suggestions, comments, and or ask questions in an anonymous manor.

  • OODA welcomes and encourages open communication between parents, students, and staff.


  • Fund raising may be available to help reduce the cost of tuition, costumes, and competition expenses.

  • Money earned will be placed in each student’s account and can be applied where you see fit.

  • Parents are encouraged to coordinate and run individual fund raising activities.


  • OODA understands that school comes first and we strongly encourage all of our students to achieve high academics.

  • Students that bring in their report card and have achieved all A’s and B’s throughout the school year will be recognized at the annual recital. Private/Semi-Private Lessons Academic Achievement Program


  • Available upon request, please contact the office manager for more information

  • Private Lessons:  1-3 Students

  • Semi-Private Lessons:  4 or more students


Choreography/Master Classes

  • OODA instructors are available for choreography or master classes in any genre.  Private or group events can be set up.  

College and High School Dance Teams

  • OODA instructors are available to work with your college or high school dance teams in choreography, critiquing, or general help in finalizing a routine.

Ballroom Lessons

  • Ballroom lessons are available by appointment.

Studio Rental

  • Orion Oxford Dance Arts offers studio space rental upon request.


"You have not witnessed a real workout until you've watched a dancer practice."

~ Unknown