Lake Orion, MI

Orion Oxford Dance Arts - Dance Studio | Lake Orion, MI

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”


~ Martha Graham

Proud of our own Award Winning Choreography

Our instructors have over 18 years of experience, with diverse backgrounds and education. Many have either studied dance in college, and/or have danced on college teams or professional dance companies.  Each conducts their classes in a caring, friendly, well-organized and professional manner.

We offer the best quality and price at recreational and competitive levels


Cheryl Ziegelbaur



Ashleigh Farrell

Katie  Perry

Hannah Valley

Mae Clark

Alexa Ayotte

Charley Snelgrove

Office Managers


Brittany Watson

Megan Okoniewski

Brittany Galloway

Jenna Silk

Katie Cahaney

Keri Kater

Jessica Raymond

Grace Scott

Coleen Brunni

Julie Perry

Amy Schrodt

Jalyn Adragna

Abbey Prizgint

Kim Fugitt

Jennifer Jergler