Lake Orion, MI

Orion Oxford Dance Arts - Dance Studio | Lake Orion, MI

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”


~ Martha Graham

Proud of our own Award Winning Choreography

Our instructors have over 18 years of experience, with diverse backgrounds and education. Many have either studied dance in college, and/or have danced on college teams or professional dance companies.  Each conducts their classes in a caring, friendly, well-organized and professional manner.

We offer the best quality and price at recreational and competitive levels


Cheryl Ziegelbaur


  • Brittany Ziegelbaur

  • Megan Okoniewski

  • Jenna Peterson

  • Cori Price

  • Keri Kater

  • Kayla Petty

  • Nicolette Raymor


  • Katie Fugitt

  • Carrie Stermer

  • Brooke Grobble

  • Callie Peterson

  • Justine Brish

  • Natalie Wardlaw

  • Coleen Brunni

  • Kyle Urbin

Bio’s coming soon

Office Managers

  • Kim Fugitt

  • Jennifer Jergler