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"When I dance,

I cannot judge,

I cannot hate,

I cannot separate myself from life.

I can only be joyful and whole,

that is why I dance."


~ Hans Bos



Our Competitive Company is designed for students who want to take their dancing to the next level.  This is for the more serious dancer that is committed to taking on additional classes and practice time in preparation for the upcoming competition season.   Dancers will compete in multiple competitions throughout the season in their desired genres.  They have the opportunity to compete as a soloist, in a duet/trio, small group, large group, line, or super group.  Choreography for these students starts at the beginning of the fall dance season to prepare for competitions throughout the dance year.


In addition to our Competitive Company, we offer a Pre-Competitive Company (knows as our Pink Company).  This is designed for the dancer that is not quite ready for the full company or wants to get a feel for the competitive company before fully committing.  The Pink Company will attend one Regional Competition at the end of the season, typically in the May timeframe.  The beginning of the fall season will focus on technique and movement, with choreography for the students starting in the November timeframe.

If you have some rhythm give us a call and put it to good use


  • Students must audition each year

  • Audition dates will be announce in the spring, private auditions available upon request

  • Summer classes are required to participate in the Full Competitive Company in the fall.  Summer classes are not required for the Pink Company.  We understand family vacations may cause a conflict during this time. Please speak to an instructor to make alternative arrangements for any missed class time.

  • There is no guarantee that all dancers will be placed on either of our competitive companies.

  • A Competitive Agreement Form must be signed by the student, as well as the parent, that states full understanding of the commitment involved in being on the competitive company.

  • A signed Registration Form must also be turned in prior to being placed our one of our competitive companies.

  • A $30 Registration/Audition Fee is be due upon audition.  

  • Final placement is based on skill level, dance style, movement and is solely  determined by the instructors.

  • Two 90-minute Ballet Technique classes are required each week for Full Company members, one 60-minute class per week for our Mini’s, and one 90-minute Ballet Technique class is require each week for our Pink Company members. Ballet Technique does not apply if you are only competing in Hip-Hop.

  • Workshop offerings will be made available.  These are encouraged, but are not mandatory.

  • Additional technique classes such as Jumps & Turns, Acro, etc. are encouraged but are not mandatory.

  • Dancers may have the opportunity compete in the following genres: Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Clogging, Contemporary, Open, Ballet, and Pointe.  Within these genre’s they may be selected to compete as a Soloist, in a Duet/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, Line, Super Group, and/or Production.

  • Additional practices or rehearsals may be scheduled prior to competitions and/or performances. Additional fees may apply.

  • We strongly encourage students to attend all of their scheduled classes, especially the weeks prior to a competition.  It will be at the instructor’s discretion whether or not they feel the student is prepared to perform in a competition. We understand that students may need to miss class due to an illness, as well as school and family obligation. Excessive absenteeism due to other activities may affect the performance of a routine. If you do need to miss a class, we ask that you please notify the studio prior to your scheduled class time. It is also your responsibility to get with another team member and see what was covered in class.  

  • A student may be required to take private lessons if the dancer has excessive absenteeism or is having a hard time with choreography or technique.  The student will be responsible for any fees associated with a private lesson.

  • A parent meeting will be scheduled in the fall to determine which Regional’s OODA will be attending for the season, as well as the determination of attending a National Convention, note there is a 50/50 chance of attending. This is determined by the majority votes of both parents and instructors, with the studio director breaking any ties.

  • You are responsible for paying all fees that may incur while being on the competitive company. Such fees may include tuition, rehearsal fees, regional/nationals/worlds competitions fees, costumes/accessories, shoes, tights, warm-up jacket, company t-shirts, rehearsals, workshops/convetions, travel expenses, choreography, props , etc.  All fees and charges are non-refundable.   There is an additional monthly fee over and above your monthly tuition required with being a member on the Competitive Company.

  • A meeting will also be setup in the prior to our first competition to demonstrate how hair and make-up must be worn for all competitions and performances.


  • Company students are required to wear “ALL BLACK” dance apparel to class each week.  This can be any dance apparel of your choice; leotard, cami-top, sports bra, shorts, dance capri’s, etc.

  • Dancers may wear ANY COLOR dance apparel the last week of each month, unless it’s the week prior to a competition, then the dancer must conform to the “All BLACK” dress code.

  • Hair must be worn to class in the designated style chosen for the year

  • Appropriate dance shoes are required for all classes.  You may want to purchase an extra pair of jazz shoes for practice.

  • Competition shoes and tights will be determined once the final costumes are selected.  

Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Open Shoes:

  • Capezio Freeforms are typically used in either tan or black, depending on the costume

Tap Shoes:

  • Black Capezio Premier CG09 in Black

  • Capezio K540 in Black

  • Capezio K542in Black

  • Your preference on fit

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